About Wood Vinegar Mix Balsemâ„¢

In the late 30s, some of you may feel you have already reached the pinnacle of success from the jobs you have been doing since your younger days. But without realizing, it is often inversely proportional to your health condition that is starting to decline. Moreover, when you are accustomed to consume high content of purine and cholesterol food and beverages, living an unhealthy lifestyle, and rarely working out. Consequently, diseases such as rheumatic, high uric acid (gouty arthritis) and cholesterol, sprains, sciatica, stiff muscles, will be starting to show up.
Illustration of pain, aches, and swelling
These matters surely will be a bother for your mobility and productivity. It becomes worse when those symptoms are accompanied by pain, aches, or swelling. Therefore, Wood Vinegar Mix BalsemTM was invented by Sinshe Ho Hartono Wibowo, with the main purpose of relieving aches, soothing pain, sore, and swelling, improving blood circulation, also detoxifying toxins in certain parts of the body.
Sinshe Ho Hartono Wibowo
After going through various researches and experiments, finally Wood Vinegar Mix BalsemTM was officially launched at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) event in 2009. Later on, by increasing demands of the users, we opened a sales center to fulfill clients orders of Wood Vinegar Mix BalsemTM which also serve as clinic of Totok Jari Nei GongTM for those who need more attention.
Today, Wood Vinegar Mix BalsemTM has been used by various circle of society from within and outside the country. It is very preferable because of its effectiveness that can be experienced immediately less than 24 hours (use regularly for 4-5 times a day).
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